Another Family Fun Filled Day With Our Feathery Friends - The Birds of The Garden

This family had a blast at the coastkeeper gardenBird was the word this last Saturday at the Coastkeeper Garden. The Garden hosted its monthly Family Workshop, and this month we focused on the importance of birds in our gardens. Our goal for this workshop? Engage the minds of the children and adults, learn about birds and have fun.

These kids loved story time

As the families entered, the Garden’s large population of hummingbirds zipped around igniting the children’s curiosity. We started with story time where the children flapped their wings and tweeted along to songs. Then we went on to learn a little bit about the different bird species that call the Garden home.

This kid is having a great time at the natural playgroundThe Garden’s Natural Playground was the main place for fun. Parents, family members, and children alike loved walking on tree stumps, running through tall grass, and going through the tunnel as they checked off the different activities and hidden gems on their scavenger hunt list. To help them explore we handed out binoculars, which the kids were excited to take home. Along the way they spotted two bird nests, the tallest tree in the Garden, and the perfect hiding place.

wow look at this bird feederAfter exploring, we invited all the families to make pinecone bird feeders so that they could create a bird friendly environment at home. Pure joy came over the little one’s faces as they grabbed a pine cone and rolled it in the wheelbarrow of bird seed. The parents appreciated the opportunity to create something with their kids and loved that they could easily make the feeders at home. The families left the workshop excited to create a more eco-friendly environment at their own homes and gardens.

scavengerhunt for birds and trees

Big thanks to to Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial for donating the binoculars, our supporters that helped supply the equipment for the bird feeders and everyone that came out and had fun with us.

Remember to join us every 3rd Saturday of the month for more fun activities at our Family Workshops.

Photo Credit Eluzion Photography


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