July 2010

  • Volunteers install solar-powered and wind-powered lights at Spanish vignette
  • “Scouts”- Intern blog, July 24, 2010: “Today a group of local scouts came out to help set posts for a fence being built by one of their members. Under Austin’s guidance, scouts repeatedly mixed and poured concrete, filling almost a dozen holes and centering the posts. Good job scouts, the fence is really starting to take shape!”
  • “Holes, Holes, Holes”- Intern blog, July 13, 2010: “Today Austin and some volunteers dug out some pretty large holes for adolescent Oak Trees. Austin had the jack hammer out, to loosen up the hard ground, and the volunteers shoveled. It took some sweat but we did it. We had two holes, 2’x2’, and were able to put in the Oak trees. That is where the real struggle started. With no tractor, it was an adventure getting those big Oak Trees from storage to the holes. Two and a half hours later, with some ingenuity and brute force, we had two beautiful Oak trees in the ground with irrigation.”