Coastkeeper Garden Water Wise/Drought Tolerant Plant Showcase

We want to give a big thank you to all our volunteers and community members who came out this last Saturday, Dec 6th, for the Coastkeeper Garden Water Wise/ Drought Tolerant Plant Showcase! We had over 75 attendees at the New Plant Showcase in addition to our Plant Trade Group that meets at the Garden once a month to discuss and trade new plants.

 plant_trade.jpg garden_store.jpg 

PlantTradegroup.jpg IMG_1288.JPG
Plant Trade Group Our Amazing Volunteers

We are also excited to announce the grand opening of the OCCK Garden Donation Store! Instead of prices, give a monetary donation and receive a gift! Our number one "gift" at Saturday's event was honey produced by Backyard Bees, which used the hives at the Garden to produce the honey (FUN FACT:one of the many benefits of local honey is that it helps you build immunity to local allergens in the air, so stock up on honey before your spring allergies come back!). The Donation Store was also stoked with amazing succulent arrangements and locally made jewelry, both which are amazing for Holiday gifts.

10411823_10204639517739421_9007323912503432904_n.jpg Christmassucculents.JPG IMG_1283.JPG IMG_1284.JPG IMG_1286.JPG10805810_10204639517619418_8568158464514509960_n.jpgIMG_1282.JPG

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