Protecting San Juan Creek Protects Us All

  Horse manure that ends up in san juan creek
Horse manure pushed from the Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park to the San Juan Creek

After conducting multiple site visits and reviewing publicly available information from regulatory agencies, Coastkeeper confirmed the many public complaints and uncovered additional violations of the Clean Water Act.

On March 31, Coastkeeper submitted a 60-day notice letter to the City and Blenheim, intending to file suit. On June 2, with a plan still lacking, Coastkeeper filed a Clean Water Act complaint in Federal Court. 

Coastkeeper hopes the City and Blenheim recognize the severity of the water pollution issues at the Riding Park and implement a comprehensive plan to resolve the Clean Water Act violations.

To learn more about the harmful pollution from the discharging from the Riding Park and Coastkeeper’s efforts to ensure clean water for us all – Click Here.

Newport Beach IndependentCoastkeeper Creates a Living Shoreline


It’s been a busy year for Orange County Coastkeeper. The environmental nonprofit group doesn’t just say that clean water is a necessary part of a healthy ecosystem, they work to make it happen.

Earlier this year, they hauled 20 tons of Pacific oyster shells into Upper Newport Bay. It took 150 volunteers to deliver 150 large bags into the water, bucket-brigade style, during low tide.

Last month, Coastkeeper partnered with a group of local Girl Scouts to remove trash from the end of the Santa Ana Channel that empties into a part of Upper Newport Bay. 

Together, they removed an impressive 105 pounds of garbage from the Newport Bay Watershed. An old bike, a Keurig machine, and a shopping cart were among the items prevented from flowing into the Pacific Ocean.

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Orange County Coastkeeper is Helping the Community Convert Their Landscapes to Low Water Use SmartScapes

water saving landsape

If you are just starting with your landscape conversion Coastkeeper is ready to help. We have all the information you need on:

  • What rebates and incentives you may qualify for
  • How to convert your water thirsty landscape to a SmartScape
  • How to maintain it after you do.  

Learn more about SmartScape here.

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