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coastkeeper_clean_water_fund.jpgGet Your Return on Water With Orange County Coastkeeper

Coastkeeper was founded in 1999 by Garry Brown, an Orange County native, who remembers abundant abalone, catching bonito and barracuda from the piers and inside the harbors and digging for clams along the Orange County beaches as a young boy. Realizing that his sons could not enjoy the same coastal waters that he had, Garry established Orange County Coastkeeper. Coastkeeper’s professional staff of 12 includes science educators, marine biologists and environmental attorneys who share in its commitment to swimmable, drinkable, fishable, and sustainable water resources for Orange County.

Coastkeeper is now the region’s principal steward of clean water. Coastkeeper has built a strong reputation of being collaborative in addressing urban pollution in our waters and beaches. We’ve made great strides in water quality, there is much work to be done. The Clean Water Fund is a crucial step toward securing a clean water future, directly benefitting businesses and residents that depend on it. We all have the right to clean water.


About the Clean Water Fund

The Clean Water Fund supports Coastkeeper’s work to safeguard Orange County’s 42 miles of coastline and hundreds of miles of rivers and streams. Coastkeeper’s sole mission is to ensure our rivers, harbors and coastal waters are swimmable, fishable, drinkable and sustainable. Leading companies know the value of partnering and investing in environmental programs. They know it’s an investment in their business and employees. The Clean Water Fund connects those leaders through business and philanthropy to boost the value of our most important resource: water.

It's All About Teamwork 


We protect your ROW— Return on Water— by speaking on your behalf. The Clean Water Fund fuels a team of environmental experts who look after your clean water investment so that you can focus on what you do best —running your business.


We don’t let others cheapen your investment—we hold them to the federal, state and local laws. You don’t have to skip a beat while running your business, because you know that Coastkeeper holds polluters accountable to ensure your right, and your employee’s rights, to clean water.


The Clean Water Fund History of Success

The Clean Water Fund has worked in a multitude of industries over the years to improve water quality and set the standards that benefit Orange County businesses.

SmartScape of Southern California Edison

Partnered to create and maintain a three-acre SmartScape garden on the California Edison property, resulting in a significant reduction in urban runoff, 50 percent reduction in maintenance costs, 48 percent reduction in irrigation water use, 54 percent reduction in carbon emissions, and capture and mitigation of 100 percent of stormwater onsite.

Waterways Protection

Coastkeeper has brought over 60 enforcement actions to prevent pollutants from entering our waterways – all successful.

Scrap Metal Industry

Coastkeeper collaborated with the scrap metal industry to establish runoff standards and improve water quality. This greatly benefited both the environment and business as it provided to the businesses a clear path to an achievable standard that also ensure competition across the industry.

Rigs to Reefs

Coastkeeper hosted the first-ever, multi-disciplinary conference to address conversions of decommissioned oil and gas platforms into artificial, ecologically functional reefs. This helped change state law that allowed platform operators to leave them partially in place as viable producing fish reefs. Rig to Reefs has been popular with fishermen, the oil industry, government regulators, and a large segment of the environmental community.

Orange County Sanitation District

Coastkeeper successfully advocated for the sanitation district to adopt full secondary treatment of sewage discharged to the ocean, improving our coastal waters, creating a reliable water supply and benefiting the people of Orange County employed by industries such as tourism, hospitality and water sports.

Your support for Coastkeepers’ Clean Water Fund is the most economic way to ensure our waterways, harbors and coastal waters have clean water and healthy habitats. We will do the hard part — enforcing clean water laws and advocacy. Coastkeeper needs to raise $1.5 million to guarantee an active advocacy and enforcement program, thus generating your Return on Water. 


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To become involved with the Coastkeeper Clean Water Fund, contact

Steve Bone, Board Chairman, at [email protected] 

or Garry Brown, President and Founder, at [email protected] or (714) 850-1965.


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