May 19 – Coastkeeper Responds to State Water Board’s Consideration to Readopt Drought Emergency Regulations

Please consider this statement in response to yesterday’s California State Water Resources Control Board’s consideration of a proposed resolution amending and readopting drought-related emergency regulations for urban water conservation. This statement is submitted by Orange County Coastkeeper Executive Director Garry Brown. He may be reached for further comment by contacting Lauren Zerweck at 619-315-1905 or [email protected].

"Since the Governor’s call for more conservation, Orange County conserved water through increase efficiency, stormwater capture and transitioning away from grass to drought-tolerant landscapes. These innovative and forward thinking measures don’t impact our everyday lives and benefit our economy. 

The political motivations behind the State Water Board’s decision benefit industries looking to capitalize on the drought — such as desalination — and not the people of California. We want the State Water Board to extend the emergency regulations as permanent measures with the best possible strategies to support what we know works and is cost-effective for Orange County -- mandatory conservation, decrease of demand and maximizing existing water reuse programs."