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2017 Press Releases

July 7,2017: Orange County Coastkeeper Launches New Website Showing the True Cost of Desalination

July 5, 2017: Coastkeeper Takes Legal Action to Protect San Juan Creek and Doheny Beach from Illegal Pollution 

May, 2017: 150 Volunteers Complete First-Ever Oyster Restoration in Upper Newport Bay

April 19, 2017: Big Water makes desperate bid to save billion dollar desalination boondoggle

January 10, 2017: Final Report Moves California Closer to Nation’s First Statewide Direct Potable Reuse Regulations

January 9, 2017: Orange County Coastkeeper Expands Legal Team with Sarah Spinuzzi

2016 Press Releases

December 8, 2016: King Tides Show Huntington Beach’s Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise

November 2, 2016: Local Dock Owners to Join Coastkeeper in Restoring Newport Bay Eelgrass

October 26, 2016: Coastkeeper Urges Orange County Water District to Reject Plan to Pump Mojave Desert Water

October 25, 2016: Marine Protected Areas Boom with Beachgoers, According to New Report

October 17, 2016: Coastkeeper Says New Review Process for Huntington Beach Desalination Plant Holds Project to State Environmental Standards

October 14, 2016: New Report Confirms Desalination is the Most Expensive, Least Efficient Water Supply Option for California

October 4, 2016: New Report Finds Water Recycling Regulations Feasible for Direct Potable Reuse

September 26, 2016: 57,000 Pounds of Trash Collected at Record-Setting Coastal Cleanup Day

August 23, 2016: Hearing on Huntington Beach Desalination Plant Postponed

August 17, 2016: Registration Now Open for Orange County Coastal Cleanup Day on September 17

August 17, 2016: Orange County Coastkeeper Celebrates 17 Years of Clean Water at Toast the Coast on October 13

June 9, 2016: Environmental Groups Appeal the Regional Water Board’s Denial to Reopen Poseidon’s Permit

June 2, 2016: Coastkeeper Says: Watch Out Orange County, San Diego's Desalination Plant Incurred Multiple Pollution Violations

May 26, 2016: Seahorse Rare to California Found Near Eelgrass Restoration in Newport Bay

May 24, 2016: New Stanford Report Reveals Desalination Has Limited Applications in California

May 19, 2016: Coastkeeper Responds to State Water Board’s Consideration to Readopt Drought Emergency Regulations

March 9, 2016: Coastkeeper Inspires the Next Generation of Water Stewards Through Local Habitat Exploration

March 1, 2016: Orange County Coastkeeper Adds Jacqueline Neumann to Legal Team 

February 16, 2016: Coastkeeper Says Irvine Ranch Water District Reveals Additional Threats from Proposed Desalination Plant

February 5, 2016: New Report Proves Orange County Water District Overestimated Future Water Demand

January 28, 2016: New Eelgrass Protection and Mitigation Plan Finds Compromise Between Environment and Dock Owners of Newport Bay

January 21, 2016: King Tides Provide Preview of Risk to Huntington Beach Desalination Plant Location

January 15, 2016: New Report Proves Using Wells for Sub-Surface Intakes Can Produce Water to Run Huntington Beach Desalination Plant

January 4, 2016: SmartScape Expands Into Garden Grove and Anaheim

2015 Press Releases

December 22, 2015: High Tides Threaten Proposed Location for Huntington Beach Desalination Plant

November 12, 2015: Final Report Identifies Steps to Lessen Impacts of Subsurface Intake Valves for Proposed Orange County Desalination Plant 

October 14, 2015: Orange County Coastkeeper Invites Locals to Stop Trash From Reaching the Pacific

September 24, 2015: VHS tape, Frisbee and Voodoo Doll Highlight Strange Items Found During Coastal Cleanup Day

September 18, 2015: Marine Protected Area Watch Supplies a Year’s Data About Human Activity

September 16, 2015: Orange County Student Assessments Show Increased Knowledge of Watershed Science

September 14, 2015: Oyster Restoration Project Replenishes Ecologically Important Habitat 

September 11, 2015: Orange County Coastkeeper and Metropolitan Water District Team Up in the Name of Clean Beaches and Waterways

September 8, 2015: Orange County Coastkeeper Brings Local Industry, Government and Thought Leaders Together To Celebrate Clean Water 

September 4, 2015: Registration Now Open for Orange County Coastal Cleanup Day on September 19 

August 31, 2015: Living Shorelines Project Receives Funding to Combat Rapidly Rising Sea Levels

August 27, 2015: State Water Board Says Poseidon Permit Invalidated by Statewide Desalination Policy

August 18, 2015: New Report Proves Huntington Beach is the Wrong Location for Poseidon Desalination Plant

July 27, 2015: Coastkeeper Thanks Regional Water Board for Holding Costa Mesa Sanitary District Accountable for Harmful Sewage Spill

June 2, 2015: Environmental Groups Sue The City of Huntington Beach for Repealing Plastic Bag Ban 

May 19, 2015: Did the 2013 Labor Day Sewage Spill Affect You? Orange County Coastkeeper Needs Your Story

May 14, 2015: Orange County Coastkeeper Disappointed as Orange County Water District Moves Forward with Poseidon’s Unstable Desalination Proposal

May 7, 2015: Orange County Coastkeeper Concerned How New Statewide Desalination Policy Will Impact Orange County Waters

May 4, 2015: Orange County Coastkeeper Says Desalination is Wrong Answer to Drought 

April 11, 2015: Coastkeeper Launches Drought-Tolerant Landscaping Service to Help Orange County Lower Water Use 

April 7, 2015: Coastkeeper Says Today’s Approval of Statewide Trash Rules Empowers Orange County’s Efforts in Place Since 2011


2013 Press Releases

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